Tuesday, September 23

New podcast coming your way!

Hey everyone,

What's up?!  Drew and I just recorded my first ever podcast!  It's part of the regular podcast series 'The Dating Podcast' from BradP.com.

You can find it here - http://expertdatinghelp.blogspot.com

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it!  It would be great to hear from any other Aussies so feel free to get in touch.

Dale P.

Saturday, July 14

Meet Blackdragon... in Australia?

Hey guys,

You may have seen Brad's recent blog post on a guy who goes by the name of Blackdragon.  If not, you can read it http://bradp.com/meet-blackdragon.

I first learned of this guy when Brad forwarded an essay he wrote on marriage and long term relationships.

To re-iterate what Brad has already said, this guy is legit.  It's pretty easy for professionals to figure out who is contributing effective and unique content to the field and who just re-hashes the same old stuff.

I think the people who are worth listening to in this industry are not only the ones who demonstrate mastery with women and relationships, but also who brings that 'something extra' to the table.

For Brad, it's his vast experience as a social worker, coach, teacher and years of experiencing in other 'helping' roles.  This gives him an outstanding ability to counsel, instantly identify what areas need improvement and work on these in the most effective way.  Not to mention he can bury ANYONE in the field at cold approach game (and I've seen many 'celebrity' PUAs in the field).

For myself, it's my years experience as a front-line combat instructor in the military, my career success in the corporate world (earning incomes of over $120k at age 26 and over $200k at age 29) and my investing success.

For Blackdragon, he's the only guy in the community that I know that has a background in personal productivity and goal setting.  In fact, this is what he does in his day job with C-level executives (CEOs, CFOs, etc).  This is the stuff I've found most interesting from him personally and it's top notch.

I can also vouch his online dating methods are solid having personally implementing some of his tips with great effectivenes.

If you are interested in either Online game, MLTRs or Personal effectiveness, I encourage you to check out his site at http://www.blackdragonsystem.com.

Fellow Australians - stay tuned for an important announcement... (or feel free to email me if you just can't wait).

Talk again soon,

Dale P.

Monday, April 2

IT professionals - a schedule and workflow that works while learning.

I've been asked by Brad to write a post on a schedule that you regular 9 to 5 type guys can use while you are learning.

I will share the schedule that worked well for me.

I'll start by saying that the schedule you follow will vary slightly depending on where you are in the game, and what you currently have going on as far as women in your life.

When I had zero girls in my life, and was in full on 'blitz' mode, my schedule was something like this.

Monday - work + gym + rest
Tuesday - work + gym + rest
Wednesday - work + gym + rest
Thursday - work + after work drinks (maybe insta-date to dinner) + rest
Friday - work + after work drinks (maybe insta-date to dinner) + home, then night game
Saturday - day game (optional) + night game
Sunday - day game and/or rest.

The above allowed for work, enough time for gym, rest and pursuing other pursuits, as well as up to good 5 or 6 sarging sessions each week.  I think it was a good balance.

You'll notice above there is no night for 'staying at home and reading eBooks!'.

The 'drinks after work' thing usually fitted in quite nicely, I'd just hit up a bar on the way home from work for an hour or two.  I'd still be in my work clothes (business attire).  I really liked this as it provided a variety of different girls to talk with, several of those cute corporate types are out doing morning runs on the weekends, not doing flaming shots at a club the night before).

Once I started to get a few phone numbers, I'd use the nights of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for dates.  Maybe a big long adventure style date on a Sunday or Saturday during the day.  This still kept the main Friday and Saturday nights free (which works quite well because those two times are probably the worst times to shoot for dates).

Once I started to have some regular girls in my life I'd just swap about sarging with spending time with them as required.  Pretty simple stuff.

Let me know what works for you!

Thursday, February 16

What do I do on Valentines day?

There seems to be some confusion among guys as to what they should do on Valentines day.  Typically recovering nice guys, who previously were all chocolates, flowers and expensive dinners, swing too far in the opposite direction and become Mr Badass McJerk and tell a girl 'fuck off I'm playing Call of Duty that day'.

Like many things in life, I believe it's all about balance.  I like to do nice and thoughtful things to everybody I care about in my life but I do them because I want to, not because I feel I have to or as some kind of 'business exchange' for vaginal access.

When it comes to birthdays, Valentines Days or Xmas, what I do depends on what type of relationship I have with the girl (or what type of relationship I want to have with her).

For example;

FB's - Anything from nothing to a text message.
Women I am dating (i.e. MLTR potential but still early days) - Text message to a phone call.
MLTRs - Phone call to a simple bunch of flowers.
Primary LTR or Girlfriend - A simple bunch of flowers to something nicer (dinner, etc).

I also like to cook for a girl on Valentines day.  It's thoughtful, personal and doesn't get caught up in all the commercial bullshit surrounding the day.

The above is not a hard and fast rule.  Sometimes I'll do a little more and somethings I'll do a little less, but you get the idea.

Ericssons 10,000 hour theory. How are you going to get your hours in?

I was in an airport the other day and I saw an interesting looking book called '30 second psychology'.  I really like books that take complicated and sometimes dry topics and present them in an easy to digest way.

Flicking through the book I came across this gem and couldn't help but think of you guys.

Have a read yourself:

So first, the bad news.  Getting this area of your life handled is not a quick fix.  Anything that suggests you can go from zero to hero in a week, or that all you need to know is just 'one weird tip' is nothing more than A-grade BULLSHIT!

The bit that I didn't capture in the bottom right was something along the lines of:

Biographies of musical geniuses like Mozart and Michael Jackson nearly always reveal that they started off slow and only after almost countless hours of consistent, dedicated, deliberate practice and hard work they had a breakthrough.

Something to think about, isn't it?  Back in the day the solution to approach anxiety was 1,000 approaches.  I know the numbers are different, but the idea that you have to put in the time is a similar principle.

I know sometimes students look at the UDS coaches and think that they could never be like that.  It's just outside their reality that it's possible, or they have a limiting belief that some people these guys were born with it.  Well, according to this theory anybody could reach this level.  In sports, you could argue some people have certain a genetic makeup that provides them with an advantage, however I would argue that this only comes into play once people reach the highest levels of competition.  The thing is, you don't need to achieve anywhere near the equivalent of an Olympic athlete (or even a state-level athlete) to achieve life long fulfillment in this area of your life.  I've also seen too many people with genetic disadvantages still do very well to agree that 'nature' plays that much of a part.

If it takes 10,000 hours to become an 'Olympian level master' at this, I wonder many hours it takes just to be 'really damn good' if you have a great system in place like the Pickup Mansion or the 30/30?

Saturday, May 21

The importance of nutrition

One of my colleagues Jake P just posted up his health results up in his 30/30 club thread.  He went from 18% BF down to 13% in around 6 months.  This is great stuff.

A while ago I thought to myself - am I gonna be a fat cunt my whole life (well, a guy who has a bit of a tummy), or am I gonna be looking like a guy who is at his peak.  Hitting 30 is a big turning point, as Brad once said to me it's a very slippery slope after that.

After having already achieved success in relationships and wealth, I took the time out to focus on my health.  I've been working out regularly with a great personal trainer for a good two years now, and my results have been pretty good.  I've put on several Kgs of muscle and cms around my chest and arms, and have lost Kgs of fat and cms around my waist.

One huge turning point only about 6 months ago was properly understanding NUTRITION!  It really is 70-80% of your results.  I was doing 4 to 5 intense 1 hour PT sessions per week yet wasn't making the progress most would think that kind of training should produce. 

I was that guy who had a protein shake after a workout, thought that was enough and went on to eat out pretty much every single lunch and dinner (and breakfasts on weekends).  I used to think that getting to have a leisurely meal out with friends at nice places all the time was a reward for success, although obviously this is a belief that'll prevent me from ever having a six pack.  It became the norm, not the special occasion it should be.

There is an endless amount of information on what to eat, how often, etc, on the net or from friends.  Some of it is good and some of it is bullshit.

The best, no BS, completely free site I know of on the net is http://scoobysworkshop.com/.  This opinion is from months of research, talking with my Personal Trainer (who trained elite athletes at the Australian Institute of Sport) and a few serious body building friends (one of which is a full time male model with a slim, ripped build).  The stupid thing was they were all telling me this all along however I wasn't ready to 'receive' that information.

Anyway, checkout the site.  It's awesome.


The YouTube videos where he shows you how to cook the simple, quick, healthy meals were particularly helpful (especially for someone who is really busy).  Oh, and they're really cheap too.  The frozen banana shakes are also really delicious, try them out.

Dale P.